AIREX T92 new density

More news from AIREX. T92.80 with density of 85 kg/m3 used to be the lightest T92 foam in range. Until now. We are happy to introduce to you AIREX T92.60 — density 65 kg/m3, which completes the density range on the low end with a very lightweight and cost-efficient version.

Here are its characteristics:

Parameter Unit Т92.60
Density kg/m3 65
Compressive strength
(perpendicular to the plane)
MPa 0,8
Compressive modulus
(perpendicular to the plane)
MPa 50
Tensile strength
(in the plane)
MPa 1,5
Tensile modulus
(in the plane)
MPa 85
Shear strength MPa 0,5
Shear modulus MPa 13
Shear elongation at break % 25
Thermal conductivity at room temprature W/m·K 0,037
Width mm 1220
Length mm 2440
Thickness mm 5-100

Full technical data sheet is already available on our page.


AIREX T92. Mechanical properties update

In the beginning of the fall AIREX has prepared a massive PET-foams range update. The first piece of good news: PET-foams are getting closer to PVC-foams in mechanical characteristics, while maintaining apparent advantages of PET, such as easy processing, high temperature resistance, outstanding fatigue strength, recyclability and no outgassing.

AIREX T92.80 (density 80 kg/m³) showed the most impressive changes. Take a look:

AIREX T92.80 (new) AIREX T92.80 (old) 60 kg/m³ PVC
Compressive strength, MPa 1,30 1,00 0,90
Compressive modulus, MPa 75 70 69
Shear strength, MPa 0,72 0,65 0,85
Shear modulus, MPa 22 20 22

Mechanical properties of AIREX T92 with other densities have been improved also. Detailed information on it is already available on our site right here.

The slight T92 weight disadvantage is now dramatically reduced and virtually halved. Where a 100 kg PET used to compete against a 60 kg PVC core, the new upgraded T92.80 with its nominal 80 kg density is now equally suitable. Using the resin-saving SealX option, infused T92 sandwiches can actually be lighter than PVC alternatives.

And that is only a few news from AIREX. Stay with our updates.


1:33 scale model of the renowned Quernst Chapel


Working board material from RAMPF Tooling Solutions has been used throughout the world in a wide variety of applications. The challenge with regard to the recently completed Quernst Chapel project was to portray a great historical monument in a much smaller dimension and in great detail – a job tailor-made for RAKU-TOOL® working board material WB-1440 and WB-1460.

For a long time, earthworks and wall fragments have been the only visible signs of the former sacred site – although this is presumably due to the ravages of time, not the persecution of pagans. In 2006, a place of worship was built on the plateau where Quernst Church used to stand: the Quernst Chapel.

And this is where RAMPF Tooling Solutions plays a part – a 1:33 scale model of Quernst Chapel was to be produced to mark its tenth anniversary. The customer’s wish? A small and very, very finely detailed model. And that the miniature version of the chapel should be built as a model which could also be appreciated by blind people, in accordance with the ambition to make the nature park Kellerwald-Edersee accessible to as many people as possible.

“Thanks to the dense surface structure, ease of milling, and excellent edge strength, a very high level of detail was achieved in the model using RAKU-TOOL® WB-1440 and WB-1460 working board materials,” says Bernhard Deliege, Regional Sales Manager at RAMPF Tooling Solutions. “Another advantage was the environmental credentials, as RAKU-TOOL® WB-1460 is manufactured with recycled polyol.”

After the measurements of the Chapel were taken, the model was produced by CAD milling the parts made from RAKU-TOOL® WB-1440. The landscape models were produced using RAKU-TOOL® WB-1460. The individual parts were then bonded using RAKU-TOOL® EI-2500 / EH-2970-1. «Due to the excellent flow properties and low viscosity of this system, the resulting bonding lines are very thin and barely visible”, Deliege points out. Finally, the individual model parts were bolted together.

Full press release


SKM Polymer in English

flag_-_union_flagDear friends!

Soon after we have presented you our new web-page design, we are happy to launch its English version. If you accidentally reached Russian version, you can switch to English by using UK flag button in upper left corner. Or if you are so excited about our site, that you add it to your bookmarks, please use this address: en.skm-polymer.ru.


Metallurgy Litmash 2016


Metallurgy Litmash show — the annual exhibition of foundry industry — was held in Moscow Expocentre on 6-9 June of 2016. SKM Polymer together with RAMPF Tooling Solutions became one of the most active participants of this fair, presenting the latest innovations in area of foundry tooling.

Our friends from Intermold company took a great part in preparation to the show. Their castings and core boxes impressed all the guests with its quality and high precision performance.

In addition, in order to celebrate the year of red fire monkey we gave our guests the opportunity to take a picture with our cute monkey. We hope this meeting will bring them all the success and prosperity!

See you at the Metallurgy Litmash 2017!

More pictures are available under cut:


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