11 RAMPF Tooling Solutions (Germany) offers a set of solutions for tooling production: model boards, close contour pastes, close contour blocks and castings, epoxy gelcoats, lamination and infusion systems.
11 AIREX AG (Switzerland) provides range of AIREX® foam cores and BALTEK® balsa cores for sandwich-panels production.
11 VABER Industriale (Italy) — supplier of process materials for vacuum processes: vacuum bagging films, release films, peel plies, breathers, sealant tapes, tubes, connectors and adhesive spray compounds.
11 MÜNCH CHEMIE (Germany) is a tooling surface treatment specialist: release agents, sealers and cleaners for wide range of applications.
111 SAERTEX (Germany) offers wide range of reinforcement fabrics (carbon, glass, aramid) of high-tech quality as well as the option of tailor 3D-shaped fabrics production.