d941d8c2adRAMPF Tooling Solutions presents a range of RAKU-TOOL materials, which can help to find different solutions for most complicated goals in tooling production.

RAKU-TOOL polyurethane and epoxy model boards are modern and easy processing materials for styling, design, master-models, moulds and tooling. Wide range of properties helps to find a proper board for each single task.

Every type of board has its own adhesive, which guaranties perfect bonding properties. Adhesives can have different base (epoxy or polyurethane), curing time, viscosity and pot life.

There are some cases in tooling production, when application of standard model boards is useless. RAMPF Tooling Solutions offers Close Contour Blocks and Close Contour Castings technologies for big dimensions parts. Close Contour Block is a rectangular block with maximum dimensions 6 230 x 3 000 x 2 340 mm. The customer needs to choose material and calculate exact dimensions of required block.

As a next step in this technology, RAMPF Tooling Solutions developed technology of Close Contour Castings. It is used for casting of complicated shape, produced by the CAD-data from customer.

There is one more technology of big scale model production – Close Contour Pastes. The basic idea of this technology is applying of two-component epoxy paste as a top layer. The backing structure can be made of different materials (foam, MDF, low-density model boards). After curing at room temperature this layer can be milled like standard model boards.

The RAKU-TOOL range materials also have two-component Epoxy and Polyurethane systems. They can be used for molds, models, negatives and many more other parts.