SKM Polymer is the developing player of Russian composite market. The basic field of our activity is supply of materials and equipment and implementation of technologies and applications. Our partners — RAMPF Tooling Solutions, AIREX, Vaber Industriale, Munch Chemie, 2KM — are the world leaders in their areas. The main ideas of our work – continuous development and progress. Our advantages are good prices policy, flexibility and response rate. We use the individual approach to every customer and offer complete solutions which will be useful in different projects.

Due to close cooperation with our European partners we are able to provide expert technical support in any questions. Our experience on Russian market lets us find solutions in areas of composite productions, foundry, vacuum forming and many others. Regular monitoring of market situation shows us a way to optimize our range of materials according to real requirements of customers.

We are active participants of main events on market. Our company takes part in Russian composite and metallurgy shows Composite Expo, Metallurgy Litmash and others. Our specialists also participate in major European events like JEC, Composites Europe, GIFA.

SKM Polymer has a big experience in organization of practical workshops and seminars together with representatives of our European partners. Since the beginning of our work we’ve spent a lot of such events in every corner of Russia, from Saint-Petersburg to Vladivostok.

Our customers are:

• Major companies in aircraft, spacecraft, automotive, composite, foundry and machinery industries.

• Research universities, engineering and production centers based on colleges.

• Private companies and individuals.