Application of multicomponent systems implies the use of special equipment, like plants for close contour casting for tooling manufacturing, systems for vacuum resin infusion or RTM processes, equipment for silicone applications and so on.

2KM company supplies the equipment for mono- and multicomponent liquids of any viscosity, which are used in today’s industry. Manufacturing precision, high reliability and user-friendly interface provides the most accurate and comfortable work.

2KM offers a range of plants for dosing, mixing and application of monocomponent and multicomponent systems. These plants help to achieve a number of valuable advantages:

  • Clean technological process without any direct contact with liquids;
  • Components dosing and mixing in automatic mode allows to exclude mistakes in mixture proportions and technology;
  • Automatic mixture supply helps to ease operator’s job a lot while working with large-size parts.

2KM provides full scale tecnical support on every stage of cooperation, strarting from equipment selection and up to operator personel trainings.

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